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A Bigger Splash
The Blood of Hussain
Drowning by Numbers
Prospero's Books
Remember a Day

(1974, Colour) Director: Jack Hazan
" will live up to its title - for it is far more than a documentary record of David Hockney at work. Paints and canvas play their part in it all right, but not as much as the emotional ties between people - and the emotional separations......."
David Hockney is the best-known British artist of his generation; hit wit and versatility have made him a popular figure in and out of the art world. A Bigger Splash, which draws its title from one of Hockney's trademark paintings of a California swimming pool, follows his break-up with fellow painter Peter Schlesinger and captures the essence of the artist.

(Pakistan/UK 1981 – 105min, Director Jamil Dehlavi)
Salman Peerzada, Kika Markham. Winner of the Grand Prize at the Taormina Film Festival and screened at the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes. The story of a military dictatorship and the revolutionary movement against it.


(UK/France 2009 – 90min, Director Jamil Dehlavi) Annabel Wright, Nick Ashdon. A fallen angel seeks redemption for his failure to protect a child in his care. Erotic and gripping.

(UK 1988 – 111min, Director Peter Greenaway)
Joely Richardson, Joan Plowright, Bernard Hill. Cissy Coalpitts loves her husband to death and death is what he got. A very rude black comedy.


(UK/Netherlands/France/Italy 1991 – 120min, Director Peter Greenaway) John Gielgud, Erland Josephson. A free and exuberant adaptation of Shakespeare using an array of new technologies.

REMEMBER A DAY (UK, 2000). Director: Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon.
Remember a Day is a film narrating the acid excesses of a late Sixties rock star - turned -recluse Roger Bannerman, a Daa man 'going far further than you ever could imagine', a character not unlike Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett. Despite having effectively retired, Bannerman is being stalked by an unhinged fan who's determined to 're-launch' Roger no matter what it takes, no matter how many laws are broken... Laced with black humor , drugs, psychedelic imagery, groupie sex and featuring a stunning soundtrack - that includes works by the Pink Floyd, Captain Beefheart and The Sex Pistols. Remember a Day is an early seventies period piece shot by the people who's story it essentially is.



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