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Into the Fire

The Spanish Civil War was the first war that had saturation coverage both cinematic and photographic: it coincided with advances in film and photographic technology that enabled more of the front line action to be recorded than previously. It also attracted independent film-makers from around the world who made films in support of the Republic. These films countered the perceived bias of the newsreels of the day. We hold the key films that document this bitter struggle:

  • Historical background
  • Mobilisation of the Spanish people against the fascists
  • Siege and bombing of Madrid with footage of civilians - esp.women and children - fleeing the bombardment
  • The arrival of the International Brigades
  • Fighting in the cities and in the countryside
  • Republican soldiers in action, including footage of tanks in the olive groves
  • The ancient Basque town of Guernica in flames after the assault by the German Condor Legion in April 1937
  • The Battle of the Ebro, the final assault by the Republican side: a decisive moment near the end of the war in April 1938
  • Columns of civilians on the roads fleeing the fighting
  • The "stand-down"parade in Barcelona in late 1938 when the Spanish people bid farewell to the International Brigades : footage of women and children lining the boulevards which are strewn with flowers, soldiers embracing children
  • Shots of the Brigaders departing by train, emotional crowds bidding them farewell.
  • The popular response in Britain when people rallied to the support of the Republic (The Aid Spain movement)

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