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Theresienstadt: Gateway to Auschwitz
The Wannsee Conference |
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In October 1941 the Nazis selected the city of Terezin (Theresienstadt) in Czechoslovakia for conversion into a transit camp for Jewish deportees en route to annihilation in the East. In addition to a series of emotionally powerful interviews with survivors, the film includes rare archival photos, paintings and drawings by ghetto inmates, and moving scenes of a survivors' reunion in Israel.

On Tuesday January 20, 1942, at a secluded villa in a suburb in Berlin, Reinhard Heydrich, second to Heinrich Himmler in the SS, convened the Wannsee Conference. There were 15 at the meeting, including Adolf Eichmann, and there was one item on the agenda - "The Final Solution of the Jewish Problem" - how to co-ordinate the efforts of the various agencies in a systematic extermination of all European Jews and other "undesirables". The meeting lasted only 85 minutes. This film recreates that horrific event and is regarded as one of the most important films on The Holocaust ever made.

We have material that ranges across a variety of Jewish-related issues. There is both fiction and non-fiction footage on aspects of the Holocaust and its aftermatch, as well as film that relates to Israel and its problems


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