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Beating the Bomb
Children of Hiroshima
Carry Greenham Home

March to Aldermaston

BEATING THE BOMB (2010, Colour)
Directors: Wolfgang Matt & Meera Patel
Beating the Bomb covers 50 years of the Peace movement in Britain against the historical and political backdrop of the atomic age. Now called 'nuclear deterrent', nuclear weapons have shaped the power structures that rose out of the rubble of WWII and underpin them to this day.The film charts the efforts of individuals and organizations to rid Britain of its nuclear weapons system from past to present. It also frames the nuclear weapons issue within the wider context of global justice.


This simple, moving film tells of the fate of children who, despite the blast that brought instant death to 200,000 people in the space of one minute, struggled back to life.

Directors: Beeban Kidron and Amanda Richardson
This film records the events at the Women's Peace Camp at Greenham Common between December 1982 and the summer of 1983. December the 12th was the day when 30,000 women converged on the peace camp set up outside the United States airbase. Here, in protest at the government's nuclear policies, they embraced the nine-mile perimeter fence. During the months that followed, the film crew recorded interviews with some of the women, and showed how they lived together and the forms of harassment they had devised.

The March to Aldermaston is already a historic event. For four days during the Easter Holiday, 1958, from 600 to 10,000 people walked from London to hold a protest meeting at Aldermaston in Hampshire where the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment was situated. This film was the voluntary work of a group of film technicians, and remains a unique record of this great event.


There is footage in this collection of various forms of protest against nuclear weapons. This includes material from Germany in the 70s, and from Greenham Common in England which became world-famous through the 'peace camp' set up and supported by women over a period of some years. There are also anti-nuclear poetry readings by Harold Pinter and Adrian Mitchell among others. Please get in touch for more information on this collection of anti-nuclear footage


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