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Welcome to Contemporary Films. We are a film distribution company and documentary archive based in London, supplying films to cinemas and VOD and archive footage to programme makers.


20th Century Icons
Listing of Cultural and
Political icons

Les Blank
Documentarian of music, food and a hidden America

New Releases
Memories of 1960s Paris by the inimitable Ulrike Ottinger in her wonderful documentary PARIS CALLIGRAMMES.

Paris Calligrammes

Click here to see a list of what is available in our extensive archive.

World cinema classic films such as Battleship Potemkin and Pather Panchali are available to cinemas and television from the Contemporary Films Feature Film Library.

Contemporary Films has titles available from The Other Cinema, the radical film distribution company that began life in London during the 1970s.

Contemporary Films regularly mounts seasons and tributes to key directors. Please click here to see our current offerings.

Listing of Cultural and Political icons

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