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(US 2013) Director: Samantha Fuller 80m.

Jennifer Beals, Robert Carradine, Bill Duke, Joe Dante, James Franco, William Friedkin, Mark Hamill, Monte Hellman, Buck Henry, Tim Roth, James Toback, Constance Towers, Wim Wenders.

A FULLER LIFE celebrates the independent spirit of a true American maverick whose unique output broke new ground in journalism, filmmaking, storytelling and even service to his country. The story takes us through highlights of Samuel Fuller's unconventional and adventurous life spanning a century of American history, a great man's great yarn, a love song to democracy, and an hymn to independence, originality, and endurance. Adapted from Sam Fuller's award-winning autobiography 'A Third Face', the film consists of 12 segments, each of which features an admirer of Sam's dramatising their interpretation of Sam's memoirs. Set in the late director's historic office, the cast channels Fuller amid his beloved Royal typewriter, massive collection of books, screenplays, treatments, war memorabilia, and, of course, the ever-present big fat cigar. A FULLER LIFE presents for the first time recently discovered 16mm films shot by Fuller, footage he shot on the front lines during World War II as well as location scouts and home movies. Every word spoken in this documentary, whether by a performer or from a clip of one of his films, was written by him, creating a posthumous self-portrait of the subject in his own words.

'A truly unique career is lovingly celebrated in A FULLER LIFE, director Samantha Fuller's heartfelt tribute to her legendary father. Those intrigued by an indelibly influential persona that combined showman-like flamboyance, old-school masculinity and die-hard personal integrity to disarming and intoxicating degrees, will find much to chew on here.' (Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter)


(UK 2013)  Director: Richard Misek 67m.

A love letter to legendary Nouvelle vague film-maker Eric Rohmer and the world's most cinematic city. The film begins with the story of a chance encounter with Rohmer in 1994, while he was filming RENDEZVOUS IN PARIS on location in Montmartre. This accidental connection becomes the basis for an insightful and passionate study in obsession. Part psycho-geographic essay, part biographical documentary, this is a fascinating exploration of Rohmer's lifelong relationship with the changing city. 

'A study in concentric obsessions this cornucopia of optimally chosen primary sources, with its deft juxtapositions and leisurely extended scenes, is a guilty pleasure.'
(Ronnie Scheib, Variety)

(France 2015) Director: Claire Angelini 71m. Subtitles.

Normandy is a place steeped in history - after the Allied landings on 6th June 1944, it became one of the Second World War's most hotly contested territories. Making direct reference to Jean Grémillon's film LE 6 JUIN À L'AUBE, which was shot in 1944/5 shortly after the destruction wrought in the region, this documentary essay goes in search of the traces left behind by history 70 years later. But landscapes are silent. They tell us little of themselves. The scars of the past are not revealed unasked.

So how can history be made visible in the present through film? To begin with, an old man affected by the war in his youth formulates his memories. Then the locations from Grémillon's film are shown in their current state, augmented with the dramatic music and narrator's commentary from the original film. Then there are off-screen reflections about post-war architecture and images of buildings that represent "urban modernity". The three-part structure and the precise use of sound and image expose the different temporal strata and historical sediments, which, newly visible, are inscribed into the terrain.

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